Kelli Thomas



Kelli Thomas

November 25, 2020

Kelli has been at Charters Towers Kids ELC since 2012 when she started doing work experience for her certificate 3. She now holds an Advanced Diploma of Community Management Sector. Kelli believes that all children should feel safe and comfortable whilst they are in her care. She believes that all children should feel supported, confident and excited to enter our environment each and every day, with a sense of belongingness to their environment. Kelli believes that each and every child that enters our service deserves the opportunity to be provided with high quality early education and care through collaboration with families, the community and fellow educators of the centre.
Kelli sees children as individuals and confident and capable learners. It is her goal as the Pedagogista to support educators to set up meaningful environments and experiences that allow children to develop at their own pace and learn and extend on their current interests and knowledge. It is her role to ensure that all children are treated with respect and the rights of the child are upheld in all day to day practices of the centre. She aims to guide and support all educators to ensure that every child is able to reach their full potential and gain the necessary skills they require. Kelli wishes to create and maintain meaningful relationships with all families and children, building this relationship on mutual respect and trust to foster collaborative partnerships.

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