Strategies to help your children become more responsible



Strategies to help your children become more responsible

April 11, 2022

Seeing our children as confident, capable, and involved learners through our everyday routines has allowed them to take lead in their own learning and research in their outdoor environment to grow their own food, flowers and bush tucker has offered numerous benefits for rich and meaningful conversations and overall wellbeing.

Research has shown that gardening has a therapeutic influence on children, and it can give them a sense of responsibility to care for nature. It has opened a world of learning and discovery using the whole senses of the child. The children have developed many skills and observed the wildlife that inhabits their outdoor environment, such as bugs, ants, butterflies, bees, worms, and birds. Our environments maximise children’s learning while teaching the importance and understanding of connecting with community, culture and country through a hands-on learning approach that supports children’s wellbeing.

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