The Benefits of Extended Days at Kids ELC



The Benefits of Extended Days at Kids ELC

March 22, 2024

Support for working parents: Increasing days at Kids ELC can support parents in maintaining their careers by providing reliable care arrangements that align with their work schedules.

Increased opportunities for developing social skills: Increasing your days may allow your child to interact with friends and educators more regularly, enhancing their social skills and social emotional development.

Consistency in routine: Increasing days at Kids ELC may provide a more consistent routine for your child, promoting stability and a greater sense of belonging and identity within their community.

Enhanced learning opportunities: Additional days at Kids ELC means more exposure to educational experiences, fostering cognitive development and a larger variety of early learning pathways.

Professional supervision and care: Increasing days at Kids ELC ensures that your child receives consistent, high-quality care as well as supervision from our experienced and qualified educators.

Preparation for school: Increasing Kindy days can help prepare your child for school by gradually acclimating them to longer days away from home, building confidence, independence and resilience.

Continued development of friendships: Engaging in more days at Kids ELC allows children to deepen existing friendships and form new connections, contributing to their social development and emotional well-being.

Personal growth and exploration: Additional days at Kids ELC may provide further opportunities for your child to explore new interests, new experiences and strengthen identity in a safe and nurturing environment.

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