At Kids ELC we aim to promote good nutrition and healthy food habits and attitudes to all children and families at our centres. We also aim to support and provide for children with food allergies, dietary requirements or restrictions, and specific cultural or religious practices.

  • Children have access to water and they are offered water regularly during the day.
  • Children are offered foods and beverages throughout the day that meet their nutritional and developmental needs and any specific dietary requirements. These requirements may be based on written advice from families (e.g. in the enrolment form) or as part of a child’s medical management plan.
  • We take into account each child’s likes, dislikes, culture and religion.
  • Routines are flexible enough so that children who do not eat during routine meal or snack times, or who are hungry, are provided with food. Educators will not force children to eat food they do not like or more than they want.
  • We ensure that all our food is consistent with the Government’s Australian Dietary Guidelines 2013
  • We provide food that is safe and prepared hygienically by following the relevant procedures set out in the Health, Hygiene and Safe Food Policy.
  • We ensure that the food and beverages provided minimise the risk of children choking.
  • Our weekly menu of food and beverages is based on the Australian Dietary Guidelines that accurately describes the food and beverages provided every day. Each menu is displayed in a prominent area where it can be easily viewed by parents. We will also display nutritional information for families and keep them regularly updated.
  • Babies are fed individually.
  • Age and developmentally appropriate utensils and furniture are provided for each child.
    We ensure that meal times are relaxed, pleasant and timed to meet most children’s needs, and we integrate learning about food and nutrition into the Curriculum.
  • Our educators encourage toddlers and young children to develop their sense of agency by feeding themselves independently and developing their social skills at meal times.

Barista Style Coffee Consumption

A barista style coffee machine is available in the main foyer for parents, families and staff to use at their leisure. Because these machines use boiling water it is imperative that all parents, families and staff are aware that any hot beverages made in the foyer must be consumed in the foyer of once the parent, family member of staff member has left the premises to ensure hot beverages are kept out of reach of children. Take away cups are available alongside the machine. At no time will a hot beverage be allowed to go into the centre past the foyer.

Breastfeeding, Breast Milk and Bottle Warming

Healthy lifestyles and good nutrition for each child is paramount. We encourage all families to continue breast feeding their child until at least 12 months in line with recommendations by recognised authorities and will feed children breast milk supplied by their families. We support mothers who wish to breastfeed at the service by providing a quiet, relaxing place with a comfortable chair for mothers to breastfeed or express milk. Educators will take into account mothers’ preferences for privacy. Breast milk that has been expressed should be brought to the service in a clean sterile container labelled with the date of expression and the child’s name. We encourage families to transport milk to the service in cooler bags and eskies. Educators will:

  • Put the breast milk in the fridge as soon as families arrive at the centre
  • Refrigerate the milk at 4° Celsius until it is required
  • Warm and/or thaw breast milk by standing the container/bottle in a container of warm water
  • Test the temperature of the milk before giving it to the child
  • Consult individual families for instructions if they do not have enough breast milk to meet the child’s needs that day
  • Return any unused breast milk to families when they collect their child. Educators will not store unused milk at the centre.
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