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Massive news for families in Queensland! Starting January 1, 2024, kindergarten will be free for children in our state. This means if your child is aged at least 4 years by 30 June in the year before they attend Prep, you won’t have to pay for kindergarten*.

It doesn’t matter if your child goes to kindergarten for a few hours a week or if it’s part of the longer day care program – it’s all covered. *The FREE KINDY includes the regular 15 hours per week of kindergarten learning, adding up to 600 hours each year. And don’t worry, it will be delivered by a certified Early Childhood Teacher.

What sets us apart 

1. Approved Kindergarten Programs:

All Kids Early Learning Centres deliver a QLD Government Approved and Funded kindergarten program, ensuring your child receives the best in early childhood education. 

2. Qualified Early Childhood Teachers:

At Kids Early Learning Centres, we understand the importance of qualified educators in shaping young minds. Our kindergarten programs are delivered by experienced and certified Early Childhood Teachers who are dedicated to fostering a love for learning in every child.

3. Free Kindy for 4-Year-Olds:

We are delighted to offer FREE KINDY programs for children aged 4 years, providing 15 hours of enriching learning experiences per week, over 40 weeks each year. This initiative, supported by the Queensland Government, aims to give every child a strong start to their educational journey.

4. Flexible Delivery of Kindy:

We understand that every child is unique, and so are their needs. Our Reggio Emilia inspired kindergarten programs are delivered in various ways across our centres. For some families, the 15 hours of free kindy might be spread over two days, allowing flexibility for both parents and children. Additionally, for children attending kindy in a long daycare setting, any additional care beyond the free 15 hours may be covered in part by the Australian Government Child Care Subsidy.

At Kids Early Learning Centres, inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach, we are committed to creating a nurturing and stimulating environment where children can explore, learn, and grow. Join us in providing your child with a solid foundation for a lifetime of learning and success!

Enrol your child today and embark on an exciting educational journey with Kids Early Learning Centres!

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